Flora Sekanova

"My work connects strongly to the materials I use. As I am working I often feel like I experience an intuitive identification with its origins or innate qualities. My ethics in making are to respect and honour this intuition in terms of what I do to the material."



2012-2017  Akademie der Bildenden Kunste, Munich (Germany)
2011  Work experience with Warwick Freeman, Auckland (NZ)
2010  Four year Advance Diploma in Art & Craft, Hungry Creek Art & Craft School, Auckland (NZ)
2002  Masters in Speech Therapy, Comenius University, Bratislava (Slovakia)


2012, 2015, 2016 Danner Price - Akademie der Bildenden Kunste - class competition(Germany)
2013  DAAD graduate scholarship (German Academic Exchange Services)
2012  Enjoiat - Second place in student category (Spain)
2011  Objective Art Awards - Second place (NZ)
2011, 2010  Jewellery Showcase - Finalist in Contemporary section (NZ)
2010  Certificate of Excellence -Jewellery Manufacturers Federation of NZ
2010  Winner of Supreme Art Awards of Rodney District Councill
2010, 2009, 2008 Best Student/Scholarship Hungry Creek Art & Craft School (NZ)


2017  Bikkuribako, Kunstarkaden, Munich (Germany)
2016  Schmuck -Munich (Germany)
2016  Slippery like Sandpaper, Gallery Rob Koudijs, Amsterdam (Holland)
2015  Death Can Dance, Maximilian forum, Munich (Germany)
2014  Pulsar, Valencia (Spain)
2014  MineralART, Munich, Idar-Oberstain (Germany)
2013  Papallona/Mariposa/Butterfly, Museum de Ciencies Naturas, Granollers (Spain)
2013  Revolt, Legnica Jewellery Festival (Poland)
2013  Mariposa, Amaranto joies, Barcelona (Spain)
2012  FAD- JOYA, Barcelona (Spain)
2012  Respect, Respond, Prolong, The National, Christchurch (NZ)
2012  TALENTE:One year on, Objectspace, Auckland
2011  Talente, Munich (Germany)
2011  Graduating Students Award Show, Fingers Gallery, Auckland
2011  Best in Show 2011, Objectspace, Auckland